"SHAKA side gore boots that can be used seamlessly in the city or camping"

SHAKA's Trek Chelsea AT can go outdoors as it is because it matches fashion trends and has a flame-retardant, water-repellent finish and an all-terrain AT sole. We will deliver the styles of two experts who are active in different fields.

Mai Fukuda

Independent in 2007. She is familiar with street fashion and the outdoors, and has a wide range of defense that can cover not only ladies but also men, and is active mainly in magazines and brand catalogs. Her husband is a brand director, and she enjoys camping and festivals with her 8-year-old eldest son.

Wearing model: TREK CHELSEA AT - BLACK

I met side gore boots that are OK for both work and outdoor activities!

01. Face your work while valuing your time as a parent

- Mr. Fukuda spends his busy days with the increase in outdoor brand-related work due to the camping boom. On this day, I went to the exhibition of the familiar showroom for the Spring/Summer 2022 season first thing in the morning.

"SS (SPRING & SUMMER) has gorgeous colors and patterns, and it gives you a lot of tension! This cut-and-sew can be soft. This one has cute old-fashioned graphics!"

- I'm busy renting out products and taking pictures, but when I have time, I hear that I have to visit exhibitions to collect information. Despite having a lot of work, I am spending a fulfilling life by balancing childcare and housework.

"There is a lot of difference between busy times and non-busy times, but I work with my husband to get through the house. I want to fulfill my responsibilities as a parent, so I pick up and drop off my son to his lessons. I want to do as much as I can, such as studying at school. Before the Corona, I used to go on overseas trips and camping with my family, but now I can't do it like I used to, so I eat breakfast on the veranda. Or, I'm changing my mood at Petit Outdoors. "

02. Side gore boots that are easy to put on and take off at your feet in the fall and winter

- Simple and casual clothes have a good reputation, and often appear in snaps. Recently, it seems that the number of people wearing black has increased.

"I haven't changed my taste of being fond of American vintage clothing and European lace, but after trying various styles, I've settled on a simple style now. Wearing something that fits my life and age. I feel like I'm wearing black more and more outdoor work, so I've added items with some specs. SHAKA's side gore boots are one of them."

- Mr. Fukuda originally liked side gore boots, and has several pairs of side gore boots such as British style dressy leather soles and work style side gore boots like Dr. Martens.

"There are a lot of beautiful and work-like side gore boots, but what about the outdoors? The Trek Chelsea AT of SHAKA was perfect because there was no such thing until now. The heavy rain that the typhoon landed in Tokyo the other day. I went to work with this on that day, but I was able to afford it because it was water repellent and the sole had grip power! It's cute but functional. I like that."

03. "Not ready" style to go outdoors with everyday wear

- My car is a Volkswagen Type 3 made in 1972. Not only as a foot for work, but also as a prop for shooting, it can appear in catalog shooting.

"It is said that boots and heels are not good for driving a car, but Trek Chelsea AT has no problem. Tokyo is on asphalt, and outdoors you walk on dirt and gravel. These boots have cushioning properties. It feels the same no matter where you walk. It's very easy to wear."

- SHAKA's Trek Chelsea AT adds seasonal nuances to Toga x Dickies pants with casual aurary knits and concho decorations.

"Since the material is soft and the curve of the heel is gentle, I did not rub my shoes. The rubber part is also clogged, and it seems that the rubber does not stretch, which is common in side gore. I will go outdoors as it is. I have some equipment such as shells and downs, but the theme is to keep what I usually use outdoors as it is, so these boots that seem to be easy to maintain are really the best. "

Masaya Ino
Bonfire Meister

After working as a model, he worked as a writer and outdoor planner. He is also the chairman of the Japan Bonfire Association, and runs "Taki Village Village" in his hometown of Chiba. He supervised the bonfire in "Ishibashi, Burning Firewood". Last year he also published "Bonfire Book".

Wearing model: TREK CHELSEA AT - DARK SAND (Coming soon)

Feel free to enjoy the bonfire that can be healed just by looking at it

01. The method is simple because the time around the fire is important.


- A bonfire that has been attracting attention in recent years among outdoor activities. As a bonfire meister, Mr. Ino has held workshops and communicated its appeal through media such as television in an easy-to-understand manner.

"I'm a little surprised by the recent excitement of the bonfire. The reason why my method is easy to understand is that I myself have been taught various things by my seniors in the outdoors, and I think it's because I'm an ordinary person who has taken good care of me. I want you to enjoy the time that surrounds you, so I don't think it's necessary to start a fire as a process."

- At "Bonfire Village", if you show us the process from actually breaking firewood to starting a fire, it will be very smart and will answer simple questions with humor.

"Make a large piece of wood to a certain size with an ax and then break it with a hatchet. This work is called batoning. When handling a blade, it is safer to use bare hands if the gloves are not non-slip. Feather sticks that are useful in such cases are easier to scrape if you fix the wood with your knees. More and more people are using fire starters (metal rod fire-starting tools), but I also use ignition agents. The principle is to use what is in, or to use anything, and we are particular about "not sticking"."

02. For bonfires and camping, wear everyday clothes like sweatshirts

- It seems that you often wear everyday clothes when you bonfire because of the reaction of full-scale equipment when climbing a mountain. On this day as well, I used SHAKA's Trek Chelsea AT with a T-shirt and white sweatpants.

"Because I know the harsh conditions of the mountains, camping and bonfires wouldn't be life-threatening. Recently, I've been living in jerseys and sweatpants at home, so bonfires are mostly sweatshirts. The Trek Chelsea AT likes the balance of sweatshirts at the mouth and I like it. It's nice that it's lighter than it looks. I think beige is actually a versatile color. After it gets dirty with a bonfire, I wipe it off. It's easy to clean if it's water repellent."

03. You can spend a relaxing time around the bonfire

- When you piled up firewood on the bonfire, applied an ignition agent, and lit it with a lighter, the fire burned up in no time.

"It's important not to touch it when you light it. The important thing is how to assemble firewood, and if this is done properly, the fire will spread naturally. Conifers are oily and burn well and are large. It explodes and pops with a crackle. Hardwoods are characterized by not exploding as much as coniferous trees and having a long life. I used to fly around and have a lot of holes in my outfit, but that's the real thrill of a bonfire. "

- Being surrounded by a bonfire makes you feel at ease, and you can talk about things that are usually embarrassing, and even if you are silent, you will feel comfortable with a calm time.

"I myself had the experience of being able to talk with a bonfire by having my father set a fire in the hearth and talked across the fire when I was worried because I had failed at work. I can talk without looking at my eyes, so I think it will make me feel better and get the real intention. So I hope that I can enjoy the bonfire more easily."

With the specs of SHAKA's Trek Chelsea AT, the style of going outdoors with your everyday clothes will come true. With these side gore boots that are resistant to rain and bonfire, you can enjoy the Autumn/Winter season more than ever!