Trek Chelsea At x Five New Old


The band concept is "ONE MORE DRIP" ("coloring like aroma oil in everyday life"). A global rock band that has gained support from home and abroad for its highly accurate sound make-up, with the singing ability of bilingual vocalist Hiroshi and live performances involving the floor at the forefront. With the popularity of winning numerous large-scale TV commercial tie-ups, the carefully constructed songs are attracting attention from highly sensitive subscribers. From the left on the photo, WATARU (Guitar, Keybords), HAYATO (Drums), HIROSHI (Vocal, Guitar), SHUN (Bass).

The new collaboration that continues this summer is Chelsea boots that you can enjoy both the city and nature.

01. Stylish boots that look great in town use

— Today, each of the four people wore TREK CHELSEA AT in different scenes, but what are your thoughts?

HIROSHI: The boots can be used everyday but do not interfere with the fashion that I thought about, so I was able to create my own natural styling. I think it matches the cold feeling of urban concrete.

— Its familiarity is very suitable for town use, isn't it?

HIROSHI: I wondered if I could express that wearing these shoes would instantly raise the mood even in the city where I usually live casually.


— How was the comfort of everyday use in the city?

HAYATO: It's soft, so it fits my feet right away. It wasn't difficult to ride a bicycle at all. I'm cold, so my toes get cold especially on a bicycle in winter, but I'm happy to wear boots that protect me from the wind.

— In that respect, it seems easier to use than full-scale boots.

HAYATO: But it looks like Chelsea boots. I didn't have this shape until now, so I just thought it was fashionable and got excited.

02. High-performance outdoor boots that you can easily wear

— How was it when you wore it in an outdoor situation?

WATARU: I usually wear outdoor shoes, but it was much lighter than that. That's why I thought it was good not to get tired by wearing it. In addition to being easy to wear, I felt that it was very functional, and even when I walked in a slippery place, it had a strong grip, so I didn't mind at all.

— It ’s lighter than it looks, is n’t it?

WATARU: That's right. I think that it is a feature that it plays an active part in the outdoor field while having an urban design. I care about leather boots, but this seems to suit a festival in the mountains.

— Water repellency is also a point as a function

SHUN: If it doesn't rain even though I went out wearing rain boots after seeing the weather forecast, it wouldn't rain! After spending a day thinking about it, it's quite heavy and your legs get tired. However, this is a very convenient design because it is designed to be easy to wear and has good water repellency.

— I want to wear it on sunny days, and it's safe even in sudden rain.

SHUN: Also, as a native of Hokkaido, I thought it would be good on a snowy day. When snow gets on my sneakers, it gets wet, but with boots, I think it would be nice to be able to solve the problem of being heavy and tired of my legs.

03. Boots that add color to your everyday life

— Please tell us how this collaboration item was born.

HAYATO: They prepared various lineups at the time of the meeting, but the moment I saw TREK CHELSEA AT, I was locked on (laughs). It was comfortable to wear and it was great to be able to put our name in it.

HIROSHI: If you calmly think about boots proposals for band goods, isn't it a high hurdle? I talked about it, but after all I wanted to deliver what I thought was good and what I really wanted to wear to the fans, so I took the plunge and realized it.

— The bespoke points are the heel and insole logo and the pull strap coloring. Why did you choose this design?

HAYATO: I had a lot of ideas about changing the color of the stitches, and I was worried about what to wear, but when I thought about what I wanted to wear, I was told that boots were simple.

HIROSHI: When it comes to band merchandise, it's definitely a souvenir for live performances, but this time it's a special and memorial one, so I had a thought about the unique design. However, we decided on this design after discussing the balance that can be worn realistically and conveys the band's uniqueness.

— I think it's a good balance. Finally, please give us a message about how you would like to enjoy TREK CHELSEA AT for FIVE NEW OLD.

SHUN: Because the design is simple, both men and women can wear it in a cool and cute way that suits their clothes. I want you to enjoy it as a fashion item on a regular basis, and you can wear it even in the rain, so I'd be happy if you could wear it firmly.

WATARU: It has become a wonderful item that can be worn anywhere regardless of the scene. After that, I wish I could change the shape with the memories of everyone who picked it up and the memories of going to various places to make boots only for that person.

HAYATO: I want to see what people other than me and the members are wearing, and I'm looking forward to talking about what the shape looks like when I see it, and how cool the wrinkles are. Please enjoy yourself with your own fashion and how to wear it.

HIROSHI: Not only the lightness and the functional surprise of water repellency, but also the color and shape change with the person who walked, so it is an item that you can feel the charm of aging like boots that captures that person. I want you to walk with our music.


Photo : Erina Takahashi
Movie : Hayato Ishikawa
Styling : Kazuki Komago
Hair and Make : Yuri Takano
Text : Shu Nissen
Edit : Shogo Abe, Mayumi Iwai