About us


The South African footwear brand SHAKA, founded in the 1990's. The brand takes its name from the Zulu King who reigned over the kingdom in the early 1800's. Our design focus on functionality that adapts to their native South African environments of mountains and desert. With versatility and comfort at the heart of the brands ethos, creating durable sandals designed to handle the day-to-day lives of it's wearers. 

SHAKA footwear garnered global success and their iconic designs gained a cult following around the world. 2013, in Japan the brand got revived and re-launched after a number of dormant years. Our goal is to bring the SHAKA sandals into the modern day, with new materials and innovative techniques. Whilst remaining true to the signature style that became synonymous with Shaka in the early years of the brand.

SHAKA's director Muromachi says of the revival "SHAKA footwear is a brand that I personally loved and I wanted to release again in a recognisable format. And so I contacted the South African embassy and thoroughly explained how to reinvigorate the brands legacy in Japan. I thought that I couldn't make a new design without understanding the details of the past as much as possible."

SHAKA sandals now set focus to expand the brand to Europe. We see that our sandals is perfectly designed for the day-to-day lives in the big citys. Also for the beautiful nature that exist in the countries of Europe. Wheter it's for enjoying a walk in the woods, a long day at work or exploring the city, our sandals are here to make you ready. 



SHAKA's iconic original outsole with details like the teeth of a shark features an excellent grip for all types of surfaces. The lightweight and highly cushioned EVA midsole fits perfectly with great comfort. Velcro straps are adjustable to supports various foot shapes. These are all the details that creates the ultimate sports sandal.


SHAKA's kids model has been updated with the new LITTLE series. The new oblique toe and cup-shaped midsole has been improved for a better fitting and comfort. The LITTLE line has been created to match "the grown ups" so that the parents could do matching look with the little ones.


CHUNKY SOLE is the thickest and chunkiest sole among SHAKA. In addition to its chunky appearance, the thick EVA midsole has high cushioning, and the rubber outsole has high grip for good comfort, fashionable yet easy-to-wear.


SF has two meanings, SAFARI SOLE and SPECIAL FORCE. SAFARI SOLE features an exaggerated block pattern inspired by classic military "command boots" sole. SPECIAL FORCE aims for high quality that clears the "Special Forces" standards, and is lightweight and highly cushioned with the EVA injection method, combining together with rubber outsole for great grip and high durability.


AT means ALL TERRAIN. It uses EVA injection on the sole for the lightweight and great cushioning. In addition, the shark tooth grip, which is also the icon of SHAKA, has evolved into a expanded version in the center of the bottom surface, enabling the grip to approach in all directions.


BF means BAREFEET. This special sole has been developed to be as thin as possible by inserting the midsole into the rubber cup-shaped outsole without losing it's comfortless, but also gives the feeling of a bare feet experience as if you were grasping the ground with bare feet. It is one of the thinnest soles among SHAKA but also has a high-repulsion EVA midsole for high cushioning and a structure that gives long time comfortless even when worn for a whole day.


HIKE PLATFORM SOLE featuring an edgy shark tooth grip and a separate toe and heel design, inspired hiking boots using parts from SHAKA's original outsole design, with an urban touch.


EVA INJECTION SOLE made by the integrally molded EVA injection method. The cushioning is developed with carefully calculated balance, so the footbed it's not too soft but also not too hard that creates the perfect comfort for all feet.